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Selling Tips

Simple Ways To Get The Best Price

Each Ray White representative is an experienced and highly trained professional. However, you can help the best salesperson perform better for you through a few simple steps. The better presented your home looks, the better price you will achieve.

Trim the lawns and tidy the garden. This will be a prospective buyer’s first impression of your home. Make it a good one.

Shampoo the carpets. You may be surprised at how much more “life” they have after an extra good cleaning, and the brighter everything is the better for selling.

A once over for the walls. Grubby little hand marks may be a fact of life but they’re some of the worst offenders in taking the edge off an otherwise attractive home. You will be rewarded!

Check the guttering. It’s an easy point for buyers to spot so it’s one to watch out for. Make sure there are no leaves hanging over, no peeling paint or water staining. In addition, while you’re at it why not brush under the eaves for cobwebs.

Clean out the garage and shed. They’re the places you’ve thrown things you didn’t know what to do with over the years. It makes sense to have a clean out now because good starge space is an important selling point.

The kid’s room. Everybody understands that kids are messy, but it’s important to make sure that there are no toys scattered around the floor.

Open the windows. The brighter the room is the better, so always leave blinds and curtains open. Clean the windows and insect screens to let in more light.

Flowers set the scene. You put flowers out for visitors. A prospective purchaser is a very important visitor.

The kitchen and laundry. Special attention needs to be paid to these areas. Clean the oven, polish the sink, and give your cupboards a spring clean.

The Ray White sign. We’ll advise you on the best location for maximum effect. After all, the buyer for your home could drive by at any time.

Which Way Should I Sell My Home?

Selling it yourself

The obvious advantage to a Vendor in marketing their own property is to save commission. However, Vendors do not have the advantage of accessing current market conditions and prices which may have been achieved for comparable properties. Access to buyers is one of the key reasons why you should employ a professional agent, one who has proven negotiation skills to achieve a premium price for you as the seller. An independent sales person will provide objective advice and recommend acceptance or rejection of an offer.

Private Treaty

This means the property is placed in the hands of one agent for an agreed period of time. In return the agent is 100% committed to actively work the property with the knowledge that they will be suitably rewarded upon affecting a sale.

The main disadvantage of the exclusive method of marketing are:-
a) The disclosure of price
b) Exchanged Contracts may be subject to a 5 day cooling off period
c) No urgency is created for a purchaser to commit themself to a sale

Marketing without a price

One of the most accepted forms of marketing is Auction although there are misconceptions regarding the benefits of marketing a property without a price. Marketing a property without a price is one of the most effective methods of achieving a premium price with a given time frame.

When marketing your property with Ray White Yamba, you know that your are dealing with a company that has a high success rate when this form of marketing is adopted.

A suitably tailored marketing campaign prepared in consultation with you, the Vendor, will highlight the features of the property without disclosure of the price during the initial marketing period.

Auctions demand and enormous amount of work, committment and skill and ensure that the agent is working for you. All parties accept that this is the only form of marketing (together with Tender) that will ensure that the market price is obtained with the possibility of gaining a premium price

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